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Our events in 2014

2.12.2014 A mini buffet reception for Oltri's company took place.

1.10.2014. Muscat catering organized breakfast for the JTI company.

20.09.14. In boutique Brunello Cucinelli in Sealy Moll's Crocus the guests were met not with empty glasses!

5.09.14 Muscat Catering served an office party of the company RIKO Rus.

8.29.2014. Muscat Catering had the honor to serve Vadim Dymov's birthday. The fine event will please us with the bright photos for a long time.

8.27.2014. Muscat Catering accompanied Lancome seminar in Loreal Academy.

8.25.2014. Muscat Catering carried out an office party for Michel Exertier (Michele Ekzertye). Thanks to all guests for the fine and warm atmosphere on that rainy grey Monday!

25.97.2014.The opening of salon "Persona" by Yumashev took place. 

Muscat Catering served the day outdoors. Format: animation stations + full-fledged banquet.

2.07.2014 A buffet reception at the meeting of the building company Terra Auri and Mayor of Moscow was organized.

6.28.2014 Muscat Catering served a birthday party of the son of our beloved regular clients Guli and Oleg.

5.06.14 A presentation of the areas of a shopping center under construction in the northwest of Moscow took place. Snacks and treats were organized by Muscat Catering.

The opening of the Pure Line plant in Dolgoprudny took place. Snacks and treats were organized by Muscat Catering

April 23,25,28, 2014 In L'Oréal Academy there took place a presentation of a new product of Lancome and Catering Muscat Catering organized a coffee break for guests.

April 22, 2014. There took place a housewarming of "The People" company and Muscat Catering organized a stylish buffet reception in espionage style.

April 22, 2014. A new plant was opened not far from the city of Dolgoprudny and in honor of this event a large-scale event for the participants was held. A buffet reception in a tent in front of the plant was organized and after the excursion around the plant a banquet in one of the plant halls was arranged.

On April 19-20, 2014 Open Days in a showroom of Lend Rover/Yaguar were held, and Muscat Catering laid a stylish table with treats for guests and buyers of cars.

On April 12, 2014. A banquet in the private house in honor of a birthday and a housewarming was held. The sea scope of the event was sustained in a decor of the action and a variety of fish products on a banquet a table.

On April 8, a meeting for the board of directors of Raiffeisen of bank was held.

On April 1-3, 2014 the Swarovski company presented a new color of crystals. In honor of this event a number of meetings in a stylish mansion of Vazari Villa were held and our company organized a warm reception of guests treating them with tasty snacks.

March, 2014 the Cashmere and Silk Retail network held a number of events in their boutiques, Muscat Catering pleased the guests of the meetings with thematic snacks and a stylish decor of the tables.

On February 27, 2014 the company Uconsultansy organized an exhibition of works of modern artists for the clients of the company Jones Lang LaSalle .

On January 31, one of the divisions of BBDO holding, the Instinct company, carried out a corporate party at the office. Muscat Catering adapted to the scope of the event as much as possible.