How to make a request for banquet service competently


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How to make a request for banquet service competently. What needs to be considered to receive the offer answering 100% to your requests.

The main aim of writing of this article is to acquaint the reader with the main nuances of pricing in service trade under the name a catering. Taking into consideration the target audience of our business and its lack of time, I will be very brief.

The structure of variable expenses of banquet service. (that is included in the price of your project):

  • Product cost

  • Work of cooks

This expense is in direct ratio to complexity of the discussed menu. The most capacious kitchen from the point of view of labor costs is our favourite canapes. A huge delusion of clients is the thought that a buffet reception without hot appetizers consisting of finger food (a canape and mini-snack on one sting) is a way to economy. We often hear: "Our task is not to feed, but to create visibility of food". When this phrase is said because of the limited budget, a canape is not a way out.

  • Transport

This article directly depends on the scale of your project, location of a site (you shouldn't forget that entrance to TTK and the Boulevard Ring are paid in addition), time of mounting and dismantling (night dismantling and arrival till 7 in the morning are paid for a night rate of +30% to car cost).

  • Service personnel

It is probably the most regulated point from all the above-mentioned. For example, the cost of the personnel serving of a standard buffet reception can differ twice depending on various factors.

  • Hidden logistics

It is present at any project in a varying degree. It is possible to refer to the hidden logistics work on collection of the equipment on the project, loading/unloading on the base , a wash up and the washing of equipment, a dry-cleaner of textiles or expenses on disposable fabric.

Now, when expenditure items of the catering company are revealed before you, we can answer a question:" Why should you never hold back the restrictions of your budget?"

We sell a service. You buy a service.The specifics of the market relations is that each buyer tries to choose the most valuable to him basket of goods on the conditions of the limited budget.

Let's consider the most often met structure of a dialogue of a client with a manager of the catering company:

  • The client is interested in a certain format of an event and specifies its cost.
  • The manager asks a number of standard questions: where, when, how long, about preferences and an approximate price of this or that format of an event is sounded. Further the manager comes to a question about the level of the event and the budget. The question is set and …
  • In most cases the manager receives the answer that the budget isn't determined and the client requests the commercial offer.

As a rule such requests (about 80%) are made directly in several companies.

Let's argue what the catering has to offer the client after the conversation mentioned above. The sales manager faces the choice:

  • To make an inexpensive proposal with a minimum of service personnel, with inexpensive food.
  • To make a refined menu, canapes, expensive hot dishes, a carving animation to surprise the client.
  • To make a standard menu on the average for the company price range.

Having analysed all the options, trying to understand the client judging by the manner of communication and conversation in general, the manager sends you the offer, as a rule, standard. Five more companies which you left requests behave in the same way. As a result 5 managers spend their time to make proposal for you. It is normal, it is their work. But the problem is that none of these offers is optimum. None of the managers can make the personalized proposal to you. Thus you limit the quality of the service rendered at the initial stage.

I ask all those who face the need of the order of exit banquet service first of all to answer 2 simple questions:" What do I want to see at the event? And how much money am I ready to spend on it?".

Many people think: "And what if I announce the budget bigger, than they would offer me without knowing the budget?". Believe, the majority thinks so. And now we will return to the question of market relations. The buyer will purchase where the consumer goods basket will be more valuable to him with other things being equal and in case of the same price. For this reason in case of execution of the request for the calculation of your project it is necessary to state all the wishes to an upcoming event and to limit the budget to receive the optimum offer. And later, you will have an opportunity to compare several constituted offers within your budget and satisfying all your requirements. Thus you receive a high-quality selection and will be able to make an optimum choice for you.

You should always remember that the standard offer is not the same in different companies , the average level in catering companies can differ for thousands of rubles per person. In the modern market the concepts average and standard are displaced by a concept price/quality in the optimum ratio. Interactions between the client and the contractor become more open and transparent. Now everybody counts the money and tries to exchange it for service with the greatest benefit for himself. And in these conditions you can use the described above levers of impact (expenditure item) on the cost of your project:

  • Your purpose is a nourishing buffet reception, then choose fewer canapes and more portion snacks.
  • You need to welcome guests with treats, but there is no budget on servicing – order delivery with setting the tables.
  • Do you order a corporate event for 20 guests? Save on a load carrying transport, organize 2-3 office tables which waiters will drape with fabric in 10 min.

Do you have a reception? Let us know about it beforehand, we'll choose refined and unusual dishes for you and suggest to consider an option of gala dinner.

By the experience I can say that the most fruitful relationships with contractors and clients develop only in conditions of mutual openness. Any seller in a shop of products doesn't know what milk you have come for (starting with the brand and finishing with the percentage of fat).

I thank for the attention paid by you and, I hope, this article will be useful to you in the future.