It is all about details


Project manager

In this article we will talk about decoration of the fourchette lines and as in our hard time to hold the found, beautifully issued event.

The inquiry arrives, for example: we want a buffet reception for 100 people, nourishingly, elegantly and cheap!

At once there is a question: how?!)

The main part of money will be spent on catering services: food, logistics, servicing. The company doesn't allocate money for a decor and a florist, and hopes we have our specialized equipment.

And here is our answer: Yes, we can hold such event!

We try to depart from the classical organization of the fourchette lines, when all dishes are located at one level. Agree, it is boring and it isn't interesting.

We prefer to arrange dishes on different levels. In this case the fourchette line looks lighter and attracts more attention. We use different things: various types of glasses, it can be shots, cognac or martini shots or gibraltars and haybols of different volume . And there can be special designs ( simply "levels" - metal, forged or wooden) or geometrical glass cubes.

But it is not the only way to make the decoration of the line better. One of the most important aspects is a look and colour of ware on which canapes, snacks or desserts are served. It is possible to lay out everything in one colour scale (to use only black porcelain, or on the contrary only white or golden) or to group several colours, to combine different forms of ware – square, round, triangles, or to make the lay out only on wooden ware or on the ware immitating wood.

Lay out of dishes on mirrors or glasses that gives the chance to place emphasis on the food is becoming more and more popular. And then everything looks more and more elegantly, laconically and rich. All depends on the concept of an event and the customer's wishes.

Also as a decoration on tables between plates and not only, it is possible to use different ingredients from kitchen of the chef: coffee grains, anisetree , whole nuts, pink pepper, dried clove or fragrant sticks of sinnamon. You can also use petals of fresh flowers or hand-made compositions. It also helps to improve the sight of the fourchette line.

You should also take into consideration the shape of the fourchette line. It is possible to place tables in one line, in groups of 2-3 tables or to create a certain configuration (for example a letter "P" or a letter "G") everything depends on the room for a buffet reception.

Decoration can also differ in colour scale, in material – there is an option to decorate a table with fabric, or to pull a special stretch-cover that in many respects simplifies the process of preparation for an event. Or you may make a classical frame of tables with the so-called "fourchette skirts" which will create more festive and solemn atmosphere.

If you convey all the desirable information on an event to the project manager correctly, then believe, your desires will be embodied in reality! ;)