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Wedding catering

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every person. Our goal is to give  the newlyweds and their guests the opportunity to get pleasure from anything they can see and taste.

The organization of such an important event as a wedding dinner should be carried out by professionals   of the restaurant business.

We have lots of creative ideas for your event.

Choose and use your imagination! Perfect implementation of your ideas will long remain in the memory of every participant of the celebration!

You have a lot to do when organising a wedding.That is why the help of the banquet service Muscat Catering is extremely valuable.

Registration:appetizers, canapes,beautiful sweet fruit to champagne.

All this will be delivered to the Registrar or on the marriage registration. We take into account all the little things associated with food. We have got comfortable kitchenware - pack, snacks that are suited to be eaten when people stand.

The walk of the newlyweds is not complete without champagne and treats. The snacks can be served in the car, in the limousine. You do not risk to get dirty — packaging, snacks which do not give juice, little sauces that can stain bridesmaid's dress.

Wedding dinner: no one obliges you to spend the best day of a young family in the restaurant.You can choose any place you like. And it means that you are free to choose the menu you want. Our catering will help you. Order delicious beautiful and fresh dishes in Banquet service "Muscat"!

You'll have the best wedding! Catering will provide you with an invaluable service!